Taking your books along with you has never been this easy.

New kind of book

Flipback® is a new kind of book, which opens top to bottom and has sideways-printed text, so you get a full length novel in little more than the size of a smartphone. The book concept is incredible handy due to its convenient size (it fits even in your pocket) and the ability to read it in one hand. You can take your Flipback® anywhere and read it any time you want!

Dwarsligger® complete, compact and portable

The dwarsligger® is an entire book in a new, convenient format. It fits in a purse, or even in your jeans or jacket pocket. You can take it anywhere and read it any time.

dwarsligger (from Dutch dwars – crossways, transverse; intractable, contrary and liggen to lie). A person unwilling to cooperate, who is stubbornly resistant to everything; obstructionist; troublemaker.

A new book concept.

Royal Jongbloed in the Netherlands developed and patented the Flipback® book concept.
In September 2009 Flipback (alias Dwarsligger®) was launched in the Netherlands, cooperating with VKB Publishers, the most prominent player on the Dutch general book market. These days there are over 350 different titles available in Flipback in The Netherlands.

After the success in the Netherlands, the book concept has also been introduced in several other counties, but we are still searching for partners in certain countries.
Are you interested in introducing Flipback® as a book concept in your country or would you like to receive any information on Flipback®, please contact us.